Let’s Talk about Star Wars / Pretend I’m Dumb about Star Wars

December 15, 2017


I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a fan of Star Wars (but not to the level of dressing up in character to see the movies) and podcasts.  These are the two podcasts that I listen to to get my Star Wars Fix.

Let’s Talk about Star Wars:

Join Tom Merritt, Jennie Josephson, and Garrett Weinzierl dive in to news and analysis related to Star Wars.  This (typically) monthly podcast is just the right amount of coverage for the casual Star Wars fan.

Pretend I’m Dumb About Star Wars:

Another podcast from Tom Merritt, this podcast is a summary of each Star Wars movie in the style of someone who has never seen them.  Tom certainly isn’t a newbie to Star Wars, but his take on the outsider’s perspective is entertaining and certainly points out some of the flaws that fans are quick to gloss over.  The podcast is typically released a few weeks after a new movie comes out.

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