COBIT 5 for Risk—A Powerful Tool for Risk Management (via ISACA)

August 30, 2017

 I'm often asked what framework organizations should apply to better manage their IT Risks. While I don't believe there is a "perfect" model to use, COBIT5 is a good framework that takes a wholistic view of the IT function. In addition, the framework highlights two key areas of IT risk management:

In addition, the complementary publication COBIT5 for Risk helps to identify 20 common risk scenarios for organizations to consider when identifying and responding to risks. COBIT5 also aligns to other common frameworks from NIST, COSO, ISO, and PMI allowing organizations to quickly integrate COBIT (or the other frameworks) into their approach. Learn More on

Is your company looking to adopt a risk management framework? Have you adopted COBIT 5 for Risk? Share your perspectives in the comments.