What It Means to Face Future Uncertainty Confidently (via Protiviti’s Bulletin)

October 24, 2016

The latest Board Perspectives on Risk Oversight newsletter from Protiviti explores how organizations can deal with uncertainty and risk and still remain confident in the future.  Here is a brief synopsis of the article:

How confident are you in your company’s ability to achieve its vision? To execute its strategy? To respond to extreme challenges? What are the essential attributes underlying that kind of confidence? How would you rate your organization’s maturity in the development of those attributes? Is your enterprise sufficiently skilled in applying these attributes?

This issue of The Bulletin poses three fundamental questions every executive team and board on the planet need to ask themselves and discusses the attributes of confidence that enable them to answer those questions affirmatively. It uses an analogy of an endeavor involving high potential for disruptive change — the risks of pursuing the summit of Mount Everest – to illustrate the attributes in action before discussing their relevance to business organizations. A future issue of The Bulletin will provide examples of companies that have demonstrated these attributes.

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