Cloud Adoption: Putting the Cloud at the Heart of Business and IT Strategy (via Protiviti)

September 6, 2016

Cloud computing…  It has gone from an IT buzz word to a concept embraced by the broader business community.  CIOs and CTOs are increasingly being called upon to incorporate cloud (or hybrid cloud) technology into the business.  But how can IT implement a comprehensive cloud computing strategy.  This new white paper from Protiviti summarizes how the CIO/CTO can approach adopting the technology. Below is a summary of the article:

As chief information officers and chief technology officers in financial services organizations accelerate the adoption of cloud computing, they must seamlessly manage this shift while operating under relentless regulatory pressure. In addition, they face demands of increased data security requirements and the management of aging and complex legacy IT infrastructure and system resiliency in today’s “do more with less” environment. This paper – the first in a series that deliver Protiviti’s perspectives on cloud adoption strategy – provides advice from a CIO/CTO perspective on how to initiate and execute a comprehensive cloud computing strategy, with emphasis on four strategic components – strategy, implementation, security and service assurance – to help guide the cloud adoption process.