Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 2015


Did you notice that traffic was a little lighter than usual today.  While many of us still had to go into work, today is Veterans Day, a federal holiday here in the US.  Today, we remember and honor all of those who have served in the Armed Forces.

I am thinking of my family members who have served in the Navy (my sister and her husband) and the Marines (my cousin Rob and my late Grandfather); all of whom are seen in the photo above taken in front of the USS Fort McHenry, the ship my sister was serving on at the time.  I also think of my cousin Pat who served in the Army, my Father-in-Law who served in the Air Force, and many of my co-workers who also gave their time and talents to serve our country.

I’m also giving back to those that served today by making a donation to Team Red, White and Blue, a charity that helps Veterans make the transition back into civilian life by connecting them to their communities through physical and social activity.  I encourage you to join me by visiting teamrwb.org or by making a donation to another Veterans charity.