October 16, 2015



Todoist is an  application for cloud-based task- and project management for personal and professional productivity. It allows users to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet and computer.  It offers both a free (which offers basic task management functionality) and a premium (with expanded functionality like filters, labels, task notes, search, and reminders) service tier.  Click here to see a comparison of these versions.  Todoist also lets you share projects with other Todoist users, allowing you to collaborate across a team.

Why I use it:

Full disclosure, I pay for Todoist’s premium service, so some of the feature I find useful are only available to subscribers.  I’ve user many different task management applications in the past and I find that Todoist has the best balance of features without being too overwhelming.  In my view, there are two killer features:

Todoist also has many other useful features like natural language input, the ability to add labels to a task (a must for GTD enthusiasts), and creating template projects that can be imported for recurring tasks.  If you’re looking for a good task manager, check out Todoist.

[notification type=”info”] PRO TIP:  Only one user in a shared project needs to have a premium subscription to leverage labels on that project.[/notification]

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