Just Released! Protiviti’s 2015 IT Security and Privacy Survey

October 5, 2015

2015 IT Sec and Privacy Survey Header

With security and privacy increasingly becoming a focus of executive management and Boards of Directors, it is important that IT executives place focus on right areas of security and privacy.  But how does your organization stack up?  Protiviti’s annual IT Security and Privacy survey was just released to provide this insight and help IT executives evaluate how their information security programs compare to their peers.


Cybersecurity concerns and discussions abound in companies today. From the boardroom and C-suite to IT, Legal, Finance and more, every corner and function of the business appears intent on addressing these issues aggressively. But are these intentions translating into effective policies and actions to secure the “crown jewels” of organizations? The answers are mixed, at best, according to the results of Protiviti’s latest IT Security and Privacy Survey.

In last year’s study, we identified notable gaps, or chasms, that separated top-performing companies from other organizations in terms of best practices in IT security and privacy, as well as where these organizations needed to progress to bridge these gaps. Fast-forward a year, and many of these gaps remain.

But there are bright spots, starting with those organizations that have changed with confidence to become what we classify as top performers. In these organizations, the board of directors is highly engaged in information security, and there are strong security frameworks that include fundamental information security policies.

Our key findings:

  • “Tone from the top” is a critical differentiator.
  • Having the right policies is the foundation of strong information security.
  • Many companies lack critical policies and an understanding of their “crown jewels.”
  • There aren’t high levels of confidence in the ability to prevent an internal or external cyberattack.

Visit the IT SECURITY AND PRIVACY SURVEY site to access the survey, infographic, and many other resources about this research.