The era of IT-as-a-roadblock must come to an end right now (via TechRepublic)

September 9, 2015

In this rebuttal to TechRepublic’s article questioning “Does anyone still want to be CIO?”, the author makes several excellent points about the importance of the CIO’s alignment and understanding of the broader business and its needs.  He rightly points out that IT’s success should be delivering value to the business by “intimately understanding the [business] problem” and being able to identify the right technology to address that problem.  My favorite quote of the article should be a call to action to all CIOs and IT executives:

We need to think strategically, act tactically, drive methodically and think technically. If we do this we will provide more value than any other C-level position because we understand what needs to be done, can demonstrate the courage to do it and the experience to do it technically right.

Read the Article: The era of IT-as-a-roadblock must come to an end right now (via TechRepublic)