Protiviti Webinar: How to Maximize your Strategic Thinking for the Audit World

September 16, 2015

It’s easy for auditors to get caught up in the best practice trap, making recommendations because “that’s the way you’re supposed to do it.”  This webinar, presented by the Protiviti KnowledgeLeader team, explores ways that auditors and risk managers can better communicate the strategic benefits of findings and recommendations.  If you’re looking to improve in these areas, be sure to hit the link below and register for the event.

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More Information:

Date: Friday, September 25, 2015

Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour

Webinar Summary:

Have you ever been stuck during an audit? Perhaps you weren’t using the right type of thinking. We all know that critical thinking is key—but how sharp are your strategic thinking skills?

Strategic thinking is a core competency for auditors. Its use enhances the results of audit planning and improves your ability to anticipate the outcomes of decisions that you and others make. It increases your value as an auditor, and ultimately makes a meaningful impact on your organization’s processes and success.

We hope you will join us to learn more about strategic thinking’s role in audit and risk management, and hear Ann’s steps for enhancing your ability to think strategically.