Thought Leadership Roundup – September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Today’s thought leadership roundup is all about information security, a topic that should always be on IT professional’s minds especially given the recently announced breach at Home Depot.

Cloud Data Security – The Risks Are Real But Don’t Fear

Protiviti’s Cal Slemp discusses how many company’s may be misinterpreting the risks they face when deploying cloud data storage.  I think Cal provides great insight into how companies should consider the data security risks for any data storage solution whether based in the cloud or not.  Hit the link above to get more perspective from this short article.

Complimentary Webinar – Results from Protiviti’s Latest IT Security and Privacy Survey

Hit the link above to register for Protiviti’s complementary Webinar discussing the results of the 2014 IT Security and Privacy Survey.  Additional details are shown below:

Many organizations lack confidence in their ability to prevent a cyber attack or data breach, and most companies are still unprepared for a crisis. These conclusions have remained constant over the course of the three years that Protiviti has surveyed IT security executives. However, some organizations are starting to pull away from the pack.

The findings of Protiviti’s 2014 IT Security and Privacy Survey results will be analyzed during a live webinar on Tuesday, September 30, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific. Guest speaker Heidi Shey, Security and Risk Analyst from Forrester Research, Inc., and Protiviti IT Security experts, Cal Slemp and Scott Laliberte, will reveal the characteristics of the companies that excel while others stay stagnant — or worse, fall farther behind in their performance of IT security and privacy management.