Tim Maloney, IT Consulting & Audit Professional

Since 2002, Tim has partnered with his clients to support their efforts across three primary areas of expertise:

IT Strategy, Governance & Risk Management

IT Strategy, Governance & Risk Management

Partnering with companies to evaluate and improve their approach to aligning IT and Business objectives to facilitate organizational objectives while identify, managing and responding to IT-specific risks.

IT Process Improvement

IT Process Improvement

Helping IT personnel to improve their IT processes in order to improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and ability to meet audit/regulatory needs while mitigating risk to an acceptable level.

IT Audit & Compliance

IT Audit & Compliance

Collaborating with IT and Internal Audit personnel to evaluate the organization's control effectiveness and compliance with external regulatory requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, COSO 2013, and FFIEC guidance.

Board Perspectives 72

Should the Board Have a Separate Risk Committee? Board Perspectives: Risk Oversight, issue 72 (via Protiviti)

Boards of Directors have various subcommittees, but few companies have a Risk Committee.  The latest edition of Protiviti’s Board Perspectives: Risk Oversight newsletter helps board members to consider the pros and cons of implementing a Risk Committee at their organizations.  Below is a synopsis:A separate risk committee of the board of directors is not a


Quote of the Week: October 11, 2015

“Let your creative juices flow, reach for whole new ideas that no one ever thought of or tried to accomplish before.  If you aren’t the lead dog, the view never changes.” — Marty Sklar, former Vice President of Concepts and Planning for Walt Disney Imagineering

How to Age Gracefully (via CBC Radio WireTap)

I really enjoyed this video.  I think it reminds us that everyone faces different challenges at their stage of life.  I hope that this reminds us that the challenges that we face today aren’t that significant in the long run. What advice would you give to the younger people in your life?

Powerful Insights Logo

Powerful Insights from Protiviti

Description: Protiviti’s highly regarded thought leadership extends to its podcast series, which features episodes on key issues and challenges today’s organizations are facing amid a challenging and competitive global business climate. Why I use it: As a Protiviti employee, this podcast is a way to get a quick summary of our key thought leadership content.

2015 IT Sec and Privacy Survey

Just Released! Protiviti’s 2015 IT Security and Privacy Survey

With security and privacy increasingly becoming a focus of executive management and Boards of Directors, it is important that IT executives place focus on right areas of security and privacy.  But how does your organization stack up?  Protiviti’s annual IT Security and Privacy survey was just released to provide this insight and help IT executives


A great listen – RadioLab Explores the world of Hackers and Their Victims (via WNYC)

I’ve been a fan of WNYC’s RadioLab podcast for a while now and find their shows very insightful and interesting.  Their latest podcast (simply called Darkode) explores the word of hacking from the perspective of the hacked (a victim of ransomware) and the hacker (the founder of the “eBay for cybercrime” site Darkode).  While the

Chip Shot: The Long-View on the EMV Short Game (via The Protiviti View)

Tomorrow (October 1, 2015) is the day that credit card companies will shift liability for fraudulent transactions to the merchant IF that merchant is not able to accept the next generation chip-enabled credit cards.   Interestingly, only 1 in 4 retailers are prepared for the transition.  Obviously, the other retailers are not likely to comply in

The Role of IT in Risk Management (via ISACA)

This short article by Sunil Bakshi outlines common issues that IT faces when addressing organizational risk: IT being a service provider to the business function. The level of IT controls might be different for each business function and, hence, IT finds it difficult to implement a common control. Business owners request IT to relax controls


Quote of the Week: September 27, 2015

“Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live in.” — Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Great advice as we start to enter the cooler seasons of the year.  Even as the weather shifts, it is important that we take time to rejuvenate ourselves and keep healthy.